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Clark-Eliason Post 352

Submitted by Russell Robisnson on 1/18/14:

Below is a 17-page summary of this bill (S.1950) and a copy of the 362-page bill that is expected to be introduced in the US Senate on 27 January 2014. Please contact your Senators and ask that they sign-on as co-sponsors of Senator Sanders' legislation.

Each of us should also be looking for prime and co-sponsors of this legislation in the House of Representatives.

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Statement by Russell Bongiovanni Sr
Veteran – Army 101st Airborne
March 7, 2014
It is my opinion that the “Qualified Veteran-Owned Business Set-Aside program” proposed ordinance be at the level of the 21 counties in New Jersey and not at the level of the 565 municipalities in New Jersey. By having the program at the county level the program has a greater probability of success, by benefiting more Veterans, then at the municipality level. It is also more cost effective to originate and maintain by having Atlantic Counties 21 municipalities participate rather than one municipality in Atlantic County participate. As a Veteran and as being a National Business Consultant for over 20 years, it would be disappointing for the Veterans in the Township of Hamilton and the Tax Payers in the Township of Hamilton if not one Veteran in the Township benefits from the proposed ordinance.

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