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P.O. Box 155 , Somers Point, New Jersey

Clark-Eliason Post 352





The American Legion Auxiliary was formed to aid The American Legion in carrying out the great program of peacetime service to America to which The American Legion is dedicated. All of its activities are designed to promote the work of The American Legion and to help The American Legion reach its objectives. Although often working independently on projects of its own, the Auxiliary has no purposes which are apart from the aims of The American Legion, and its members serve side by side with the members of The American Legion in a spirit of unselfish devotions to the well being of the American republic.

Rehabilitation of Disabled Veterans, Children and Youth Activities, Serving the Local Community,Disaster Relief Activities, For Peace and Security, Auxiliary Ideals and Principles.




You may be eligible for membership to our Auxiliary. The  applicant's relationship to the Veteran can be a mother, wife, sister, daughter, granddaughter, great-granddaughter, grandmother, self also step relatives are eligible. Applications for membership can be obtained by calling the post 609-927-7145 or stopping by for the form which are posted on our bulletin board in the post.


President                  Marguerite (Maggie) Picucci     1st Vice President         Eleanor Somers

2nd Vice President    Linda Duross                         Secretary                       Mary Ann Butler

Treasurer                  Patti McGettigan                     Chaplain                        Mary Ann Blumer

Sergeant at Arms      Francis Knorr                         Historian                       Open position





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